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    Let our award-winning team help you tell your story and inspire your audience.

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    With decades of filmmaking experience on our team, our videos are content-based and engaging.

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    Our work has been featured worldwide and seen by millions.

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    We've done work all over the world: Africa, India, Thailand. We know the value of a global audience.

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    We represent clients in an energetic, effective, and compelling manner.

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    With your patronage, we become part of each other's stories. And together, we write the future.

Creative Consultancy

Creative Consultancy

We bring our years of narrative experience to distill your message and vision into a compelling script.



Our experienced filmmakers are well-versed in running effective productions to bring script to screen.



Our editing ensures visually-striking and compelling content that connects with the psychology of your audience.

Our Work// Our track record speaks for itself


Siren Song Creations was hired to make a 90-second instructional video for Suitable Technologies, a groundbreaking Silicon Valley company that is taking remote tele-presencing to a whole new level. We thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration and look forward to several more projects with Suitable Technologies coming soon!


Since 2010, Siren Song Creations has been the backbone of Cinequest's media output. We have produced more than 200 videos for the organization that serves as a prestigious film festival, distribution house, film studio, and philanthropic global movement. Through Cinequest, we have directed videos featuring Harrison Ford, Salman Rushdie, Chuck Palahniuk, Deepak Chopra, John Turturro, Jessalyn Gilsig, Philip Kaufman, Ryan Merriman, Elliott Gould, Natalie Cole, Jason Becker, Edward James Olmos, Tom Shadyac, Alyson Stoner, Jon M. Chu, Terence Davies, Krysten Ritter, and many others.

Cinequest CEO Halfdan Hussey is one of Siren Song's strongest supporters -- and we consider Cinequest one of the best examples of how once an organization works with us, they come back year after year.

Click here for more examples of our work for Cinequest.


Siren Song Creations was responsible for several videos for San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2013. Among them was a Comcast ad that promoted the festival on television, a line-up video introducing all of the artists that would play the festival, and the above, a video that is a summary of all of the great things that the Summer Fest does.

We have positioned several organizations and San Jose Jazz is the latest in that line. They are using the video above to lock down grants, get new funders and sponsors, and also promote general awareness of the festival. For Siren Song Creations, this is another example of our commitment to increasing the resonance and vitality of the Bay Area.

Click here for more examples of our work for San Jose Jazz.


We firmly believe that media can change the world.

The piece, produced above, is the story of an organization dedicated to ending homelessness in the Silicon Valley. Siren Song Creations wanted to make a video that would express their mission, strategies, and personality, all in one cohesive video. This video proves that Siren Song Creations can tell the complicated stories of inspiring organizations and effectively communicate them to an audience.

Picture the Possibilities


Siren Song Creations executed and helped define the seminal pilot year for Picture the Possibilities, a $700,000 global youth media initiative.

Our team traveled to East Palo Alto, Los Angeles, New York, and Mexico City to produce compelling material that told the stories of young people around our world as well as their visions for the future.

The program was championed by these powerful people: Alec Baldwin, actor, Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple, Inc.; Franklin Leonard, VP of Creative Affairs, Overbrook Entertainment; and Erica Hill, CBS News anchorwoman.

To see our work for PTP, please click here.


Siren Song Creations was contracted in 2012 to make two videos for the 2012 Tech Awards, each as a summary for organizations that were having a measurable and real impact on the world.

One of those organizations is Eco-Fuel Africa, a company that is using clean cooking fuel to end the deforestation in sub-Saharan Africa. The video above shows our company's global focus.

The other video was for Embrace Infant Warmer, a Palo Alto-based company that designs cheaper incubators to decrease infant mortality in third world countries. View that video here.

About Us// How We Are Writing the Future

Our Valued Clients Include

  • Suitable Technologies
  • Sentilla
  • NBC Bay Area
  • San Jose Jazz
  • Cinequest
  • Adobe Youth Voices
  • The Tech Museum
  • Embrace Infant Warmer
  • CTA
  • Masons of California
  • SCV Water District
  • California State University
  • Mexican Heritage Plaza
  • Picture the Possibilities
  • National Eagle Scout Association
  • Eco-Fuel Africa
  • Kepler's Dream
  • Salute: The Movie
  • Kanbar EntertainmentWomen's Caucus for Art
  • Ambience

Our work has been seen by millions

Siren Song Creations crafts videos that capture the compelling stories of companies that are changing our world.

Our audience-energizing work has been seen by millions of people and has helped all of our clients reach their goals. Our work has been featured on national television, prominently at film festivals, on Oprah.com, on Deepak Chopra's website, before business and political leaders, and within a documentary distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Interviewing Chuck Palahniuk

Our Officers

Oscar Arguello, Jr.

Oscar Arguello // execution


Oscar has worked with several technology start-ups and a major venture capitalist firm; he co-founded Siren Song Creations to bridge the worlds of technology and film. He believes that art and innovation can shake the foundations of society, and hopes to give voice to the voiceless.

Vijay Rajan

Vijay Rajan // creation


An award-winning screenwriter and director, Vijay works in multiple genres and formats. He believes that media has always been and always will be the world's primary uniting force. With his work at Siren Song Creations, he hopes to connect audiences through the power of art born from adversity.

Jessie Warren

Jessie Warren // operation


Jessie represents the backbone of our company; she ensures that all client needs are met and that our customers are satisfied. She believes in the passion and enthusiasm that entrepreneurs bring to their businesses; it's what she saw in us and what she values in our clients.

News// Stay updated with what we're doing


Dream wild. Risk all. Live honest. Be smart.

It promises to be an exciting year for Siren Song! Our company continues to grow. Jessie has been promoted to operations manager. And we have our docket full of all the amazing things that we will be involved with this year.

Firstly, there is Kepler's Dream, a $600,000-budget feature film adapted from the successful children's book. Siren Song Creations will be co-producing. Vijay is attached as one of the screenwriters.

Next, we have begun a promising relationship with Suitable Technologies, developers of the Beam+ technology.

Third, we continue our relationships with California State University, the Mexican Heritage Center, Cinequest, and San Jose Jazz, continuing Siren Song's commitment to work with local nonprofit organizations to ensure the continuing success of our region. Vijay will also be moderating a conversation with writer Neil Gaiman March 9th during Cinequest.

Who else will 2014 bring our way? It could be you. Call (408) 915-7356 to work with us today!

Dream wild. Risk all. Live honest. Be smart.

In 2013, we continued our long partnership with Cinequest, enabling us to interview and direct Harrison Ford, Chuck Palahniuk, and Salman Rushdie. Cinequest continues to grow thanks to the media produced by our team.

In addition, we filmed the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest and cut together a Comcast TV commercial advertising the fest and will be editing a video that sums up their position within the company clearly.

This was also the year of Community Technology Alliance. Siren Song Creations was honored to tell the story of a company that is dedicated to ending homelessness within our society.

Our client base continues to grow, even as we invest more time in captivating original film work.

Dream wild. Risk all. Live honest. Be smart.

During the Picture the Possibilities world premiere, Vijay and Oscar are asked about their profound experiences.

During Cinequest, we worked with Elliot Gould, Philip Kaufman, and Terence Davies.

In addition, Siren Song is contracted to make videos for two major companies through the Tech Museum of Innovation: Eco-Fuel Africa and Embrace Infant Warmer. Both companies are changing the world, one through clean coal, and the other through incubators for children in third-world countries.

This is also the year that we make a video for Fortune 500 company Sentilla, detailing what exactly they can provide for their consumer and how they can change the very way that data is handled.

Finally, Vijay and Oscar work with Adobe Youth Voices, continuing to help children around the world discover their voices through media.

Dream wild. Risk all. Live honest. Be smart.

Siren Song Creations is co-founded by Vijay Rajan and Oscar Arguello, Jr. In our first year of operation, we travel extensively around the world to launch a global youth media education initiative called Picture the Possibilities. We work with underprivileged kids from East Palo Alto, South Central Los Angeles, Harlem, Mexico City, and Beijing to create videos that empower these youths to have a voice. It is a whirlwind experience.

We are also contracted to film a reality show TV pilot in Thailand called Makin' It. Vijay spends an amazing two weeks in Thailand on that project.

In addition to this, we work building websites for a local homeowners association, a photographer, an actor, and other local businesses getting their start. It is in these projects that our holistic full-business approach begins: we get to know the company, their branding, and their mission intimately, and then we produce work that fully speaks to those goals.


We also produce compelling original media -- feature films, documentaries, and short films -- made possible by your patronage of our Services.

To find out more information about these exciting projects, please visit our Originals page.

Contact Us// Become a patron of the arts

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Though we are headquartered in San Jose, CA, we have traveled all over the world for our clients. We're a global company centered in the heart of technological innovation.

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