CINEQUEST: 2010-2014


What is Cinequest? Siren Song Creations crafted the above video as an overview of the entire multimillion-dollar organization -- from film festival to distribution/production studio to philanthropic organization.


"Siren Song Creations delivers a team that you can count on to produce stellar filmed communications that capture the position of your company with electricity and verve. They provide a one stop solution to maximize your resources and realize your vision with a supreme commitment to excellence and client service."

Halfdan Hussey
Co-Founder & Director
Cinequest, Inc.


Since 2010, Siren Song Creations has been working with Cinequest to fine-tune this multimillion dollar organization's positioning, narrative, and strategy. We have created yearly positioning pieces for Cinequest that have helped enormously with their fundraising and marketing, allowing the festival to flourish. We not only provided them with video but also served as narrative consultants. For more information, visit


Cinequest 23 - Unleash Connections

A video that shows how this festival connects people from all around the world.

Cinequest 22 - Transforming Lives

The impact of films about real-life inspirational figures Dave Sterling and Jason Becker.

Cinequest 21 - Amazing Innovations

A short clip emphasizing the technology of Cinequest.

Cinequest 20 - Deepak Chopra

This short clip encapsulates the ambience of the memorable Deepak Chopra event.


The work that we did for Cinequest was also integrated into a special report on NBC called "Red Carpet Bay Area." That clip can be found here.